Mu Online Season 14

The opening 12/07 at 20:00 server time.

Normal Exp 500~10x
Master Exp 30x
Majestic Exp 25x

Drop rate 40%
Excellent drop rate 5%
No Reset Server!

Max Level 1100

Chaos Machine:
+10: 80%
+11: 70%
+12 60%
+13 55%
+14 50%
+15 45%

Jewels Rate:
Soul + luck: 90%
Soul : 65%
Life: 80%

Devil Square
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Illusion Temple
Gaions Order
Doppel Ganger
Tormented Square
Chaos Castle Survival of the Fittest
Acheron Guardian
Arka War
Castle Siege
Eggs of Monster
Evomon Evolved
Golden Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Skeleton King
White Wizard
Crywolf Event
Last Man Standing
Core Invasion
Jewelery Invasion
Pet Invasion
Begginer Invasion


Security Comands
/dcfriend [friend login]
/block [Security Pass]
/unblock [Security Pass]

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