Feliz ano novo a todos, segue o changelog do update 21.

Update 21:

- Add 9 New Maps Slots (Total 18) (S4,S6) OK
- Increase Max Custom Monsters to 200 OK
- Incresed Max Global Message size OK
- Show Level+Master level in the status(S4/S6) OK
- Changed ExpBar in the interface Season 2/8 (S4/S6) OK
- New Custom Interfaces (S4/S6) OK
- New Downgrade Options (S4/S6) OK
- Quest Window OK
- Reduce Memory use (V2) OK
- RankUser by quets OK
- Fix Marry track/trace move in events OK
- Fix Marlon Auto move OK
- Fix Hamrmony Itens use 62 ~ 72 (S4) OK
- Fix Cashshop button with Season 2 interface OK
- Fix Lugard Window fix text on Wide resolution OK
- Fix DisableSkillEffect client crashs OK
- Fix CustomWing max durability OK
- Fix can trade/party when dying OK
- Fix update monster power table when reset/mreset OK
- Fix Rank user vip type to works with multi-lang OK
- [AntiDupe] Disabled Helper Config window click when use the Chaos maxhine
- [AntiDupe] New System antidupe to show in log the dupes
- [AntiDupe] Disabled CashShop open when have a item in the Chaos
- [AntiDupe] Check Dupes when move item in the Warehouse and inventory
- [AntiDupe] Check Dupes when logout chacter
- [AntiDupe] Check dupes before send a Jewel to Jewel Bank
- [AntiDupe] Check dupes before pack and unpack