Welcome to Hordes of Chaos MU ONLINE SEASON 6 EP 3

✔️Normal Exp: 300x
✔️Master Exp: 1x
✔️Max. Normal lvl: 400
✔️Max. Master lvl: 400
✔️Max. Stats: 32767
✔️Does not remove points on reset.
✔️Creation of all characters to level 1
✔️Drop of full opt items in BOSS and EVENTS.
✔️ Win 300 W coin x Reset and events
✔️Exchange of items full + 15 + 28 + Luck in MU ITEM SHOP
✔️ Earn 50,000 W coins for each Grand Reset. You need 150 reset.
✔️ Win items in drop and mu item shop.


Imperial Fort Event
Double Goer (Doppelganger)
Castle Siege every Sunday
Loren Deep
Devil Square (1-7) (Drop ACC + Kundun Invasion)
Blood Castle (1 - 8)
Chaos Castle PVP (1-7)
Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
Boss Attack
Golden Monster Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Battle Soccer PVP
Kalima (1-7) Event
Kanturu Event
LaCleon Event
Last Man Standing Event PVP (Custom)
Illusion Temple Event PVP
Lucky Items System
Chaos Card Master
Moss The Gambler
Cherry blosom
Happy hour every 3 hours
Event medal
Heart of lovee
Chocolate Event


/reset: Reset points and level of your character.
/whisper [on / off]: Enable / Disable whisper.
/ pkclear: Clear Kills.
/post: Send message to the entire server.
/addstr: Add Force points.
/addagi: Add Agility points.
/addvit: Add Life points.
/addene: Add Energy points.
/addcmd: Add Command points (DL).
/requests [on / off]: Enable / disable requests in the game.
/setparty: Create a custom party / whisper to party leader with password to join.
/ZXCinvclearZXC: Clears all items and Zen from inventory (Remove Set, weapon, wings and jewelry before cleaning).
/ offtrade: leave your character connected to the store open.


When creating a character you receive 2000 points to distribute in the stats, Set and weapons.
Claim your PLATINUM VIP 7 days + 5,000 W coins on our Facebook page.


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